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Take the Pressure Off: How Weight Loss Affects Your Joints

There are innumerable reasons why you may want to lose weight – to improve your overall health, to look and feel great, and to reduce the risk of chronic disorders such as heart disease or diabetes. Did you know that if you are overweight, losing a few pounds can significantly take pressure off your joints […]

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What is a bunion?

From Dr. Farshad Bathaee Everyone has heard the word “bunion” which refers to a large bump at the base of the great toe. Bunions are either mild, moderate, or severe but unfortunately they are mostly discovered or noticed when they are quite large. The bump that is noticed on the foot is not a growth […]

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5 Reasons You May Have Heel Pain

Have you been experiencing an aching heel pain with your first few steps in the morning right after getting up from bed? Or does your pain feel like pin pricks in the bottom of your heel? Could it be caused by a tight Achilles tendon? Given below are 5 of the most common causes for […]

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How to Prevent Back Pain

The advances in modern technology have made our lives more convenient and efficient. You can use mobile devices and other gadgets to complete your work, order your food, do your shopping, and get your entertainment. However, too much reliance on the digital world is not without its drawbacks – our bodies were not created to […]

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7 Facts about Joint Replacement Surgery

More than 30 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, which is the leading cause for joint replacement surgery. As human beings are living longer and more active lives, the possibility of needing joint replacement is something more people will have to consider. Can joint replacement improve quality of life? Here are 7 facts to help you […]

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Tips for Arthritis Pain Relief in Colder Weather

Some people claim they can predict a change in weather based on the state of their aching joints. While there is not much scientific evidence to back this claim, it is true that people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions often report weather-related pain. Here are a few tips to make your joints feel better […]

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Improving the Doctor-Patient Relationships and Outcomes with Concierge Care

Over the last couple of years, a medical trend that is fast-gaining momentum is Concierge Care. Both patients and doctors have a lot to gain from this radical approach to healthcare delivery. A recently conducted survey showed that many doctors face burnout and frustration due time spent with stacks of nonclinical paperwork such as third-party […]

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Minimally Invasive Advancements in Spine Surgery

The natural deterioration of the spine is one of the most common reasons for neck and back pain that affects about 80% of Americans. Generally, people prefer to live with the neck and back pain as best they can rather than undergo surgery to treat the condition. However, minimally invasive spine surgery has been gaining […]

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The Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Faster Recovery

The road to recovery from chronic tendon and ligament injuries is often long and hard with many winding turns. Stubborn injuries of this kind can interfere with your work, activities you enjoy, and restrict your lifestyle. With platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, an innovative approach to healing chronic injuries, that long road to recovery may […]

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Improve Mobility with Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

When deciding whether or not to undergo hip replacement surgery, the important consideration is whether the pain and restricted mobility in your hip is having a negative impact your life. In the past, it used to be that hip replacement procedures were reserved for those over the age of 60, but not anymore. With the […]

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