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Innovative tissue engineering strategies to repair spinal disc herniation

Source: Medical Xpress New therapeutic approaches to repair herniated discs in the lumbar spine using novel tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies have shown promising outcomes in preclinical studies and target the underlying problem of disc injury or instability, unlike current nonsurgical and surgical treatments. Though these emerging biological repair methods still face challenges as […]

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Revision Rate and Risk Factors After Lower Extremity Amputation in Diabetic or Dysvascular Patients

Source: Healio This article reports the revision rate and possible risk factors for lower ex-tremity amputations in patients with diabetes mellitus or peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Data were collected from 421 patients with diabetes mellitus or PAD who underwent amputations of the lower extremity at the authors’ institution from 2002 to 2012. Read More

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Anatomic Variation in Volar Tilt of the Scaphoid and Lunate Facet of the Distal Radius

Source: PubMed The aim of distal radial fracture treatment is to achieve optimal function through the restoration of normal anatomy, including volar tilt. The accuracy of assessing volar tilt on standard lateral radiographs compared with anatomic tilt lateral (ATL) radiographs is uncertain. This study aimed to investigate the anatomy of the articular surface of the […]

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Rate of injuries among youth soccer players doubled, new study finds

Source: Science daily From 1990 through 2014, the number of soccer-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments in the US each year increased by 78 percent and the yearly rate of injuries increased by 111 percent among youth 7-17 years of age, a new article reports. Read More

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Strong social support is related to shorter stay in inpatient rehab after hospitalization

Source: Science daily A recent study showed that patients with strong social support from family and friends spend less time in an inpatient rehabilitation facility. ‘Without the social support of family and friends, patients take longer to return home to the community. We believe that support from loved ones may lead to better recovery and […]

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Morbidly obese, nonobese patients experienced similar outcomes after revision THA

Source: Healio Morbidly obese patients who underwent aseptic revision total hip arthroplasty experienced similar complications, failures and clinical outcomes compared with nonobese patients, according to study results. Read More

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Study finds predictors for ACL injury are dissimilar between male and female athletes

Source: Healio Except for increased anterior-posterior knee laxity, results from this study indicated female athletes and male athletes were not similar with regard to predictors for first-time noncontact ACL injury. Read More

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Technique pearls for revision shoulder arthroplasty aid in preventing fracture, preserving bone stock

Source: Healio We present simple techniques for revision shoulder arthroplasty using a telescoping osteotome technique for glenoid removal, an open-book (vertical) osteotomy technique for extraction of the humeral stem and the use of an ultrasonic device and carbide burr for clearing bone and cement mantles. Read More

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Two biomarkers that contribute to spine osteoarthritis

Source: Science daily A research team has discovered a pair of tissue biomarkers that directly contribute to the harmful joint degeneration associated with spine osteoarthritis. Read More

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Plantar pressures are higher in cases with diabetic foot ulcers compared to controls despite a longer stance phase duration

Source: MDlinx The researchers motive behind this study was to survey if plantar pressures were higher in patients with active plantar diabetic foot ulcers (cases) compared to diabetic patients without a foot ulcer history (diabetes controls) and people without diabetes or a foot ulcer history (healthy controls). Read More

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