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Giving In Good Hands Ortho was founded by Dr. Grant W. Robicheaux on the premise of giving back not only in the form of doing, but more importantly teaching. This is done on two fronts. Firstly by research on new, cutting edge treatments to improve the field of Orthopaedic care as well as research on current treatments in the field so as to constantly improve. The second front is that of educating health care providers in under-served and impoverished regions. Dr. Robicheaux enjoys the time he spends in these regions with these patients, but understands the importance of teaching those who will remain in these areas long after he is gone. "Give a man a fish and he is not hungry…Teach a man to fish and he can sustain his village." It is this motto by which Giving In Good Hands Ortho can touch so many with your help!


I, Grant W. Robicheaux, MD founded Giving In Good Hands Ortho in 2013 when I saw the opportunity to bring change to the practice of Orthopaedics as well as its delivery through out the world. Since a young age I have enjoyed volunteerism in my local community as well as abroad. Now, the unique specialized knowledge I have acquired in my field allows me, with your help, to take this to another level. From cutting edge research on new treatments and evaluation of outcomes for improvement on current treatments to the education of underserved.

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