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Spinal Surgery

We offer complete Spine care from non-operative to surgical management of spinal conditions. We have a multi-specialty approach to the spine with spine surgery, pain management, medical management, and physical therapy. Our goal is to provide the high quality of spine care ranging from holistic care, to minimally invasive approaches to the spine, to scoliosis care.

Non-surgical care includes physical therapy, injections, decompression therapy, and medical management. Surgical treatments are minimally invasive spine surgery, microdiscectomy, laminectomy, lumbar interbody fusion, percutaneous instrumentation, intra-operative nerve monitoring and spinal cord stimulator implantation.

Spine Center

The Spine Center at NewportCare provides the latest spine expertise and cutting-edge treatment with a comprehensive and advanced team dedicated to treating back pain and spinal conditions. Our spine specialists focus their practice on the care of patients with neck and back problems, both non-surgically and surgically. Spine-related care, from diagnosis to treatment, is provided in a single location.

Unique to The Spine Center at NewportCare is a true comprehensive and collaborative care. All on-site, we provide diagnostic imaging, diagnostic tests, pain management, medical management, physical therapy, chiropractic care, Pilates, counseling, injections, and a wide variety of surgical procedures.

Our Orthopaedic group has a outcome driven practice that allows us to alter our care in a manner that gives the highest quality of orthopaedic medicine. This is done by tracking patient-reported outcomes pre- and post-treatment (both surgically and non-surgically). It ensures that each patient experience is excellent with maximized results. Our complication rates are well below the national average, with outcomes well above.

Neck and Back Symptoms

Neck or back pain affects over 80% of American, and is the most common physical complaint. Neck or back pain can originate for many causes, such as muscles, tendons, discs, herniated discs, fractures, arthritis, and other problems. Bad back habits such as poor posture, overexertion in work/sports, sitting incorrectly, pushing, pulling and lifting are also causes of neck and back pain.

Over 95% of patients suffering from neck and back pain can be treated with minimal intervention. The Spine Center at NewportCare specializes in non-invasive management of spinal conditions. We utilize various options such as musculoskeletal rehabilitation, oral medications, anti-inflammatory injections and other conservative treatments.

Our primary goal is to take a holistic and non-invasive management to reduce and alleviate neck and back pain. Utilizing a multi-specialty approach, treatment options include physical therapy, chiropractic care, Pilates, various oral medications, spine injections and home/work ergonomic education.

In patients where conservative management has failed or a more invasive intervention is required, a Board-Certified Spinal Surgeon evaluation is performed.

With on-site imaging center (X-ray/MRI/CT/US), physical therapy, chiropractic care, Pilates, medial management physicians, and injections, The Spine Center at NewportCare is able to diagnose and treat all in a single location.

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