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5 Reason You Have Shoulder Pain While Golfing
5 Reason You Have Shoulder Pain While Golfing

Do you frequently experience shoulder pain when playing golf? Does the pain seem to be getting worse with every game you play? Sustaining a shoulder joint injury is a common problem among golf enthusiasts. Here are 5 possible reasons for shoulder pain while golfing:

  1. Rotator cuff tendonitis: The rotator cuff tendons surround and support the shoulder joint. Improper technique when striking the golf ball or playing too often can result in swelling and inflammation of the tendons which results in shoulder pain.
  2. Rotator cuff tears: Forcing yourself to play through the pain caused by rotator cuff tendonitis can lead to actual tears in the rotator cuff tendons which can potentially restrict range of motion and significantly worsen your shoulder pain.
  3. Glenoid labral tear: The glenoid labrum is a ring-shaped cartilage that helps keep your arm within your shoulder socket. Fraying or small tears of the glenoid labrum may be treated with rest and physical therapy. Large tears will require surgical repair.
  4. Shoulder impingement: It is the catching of the soft tissue structures between the upper part of your arm bone and the edge of your scapula which results in a pinching pain. The condition may improve with anti-inflammatory injections and deep tissue massage.
  5. Shoulder osteoarthritis: This condition may develop if you have had some shoulder trauma in the past which is now further compounded by golfing resulting in wearing away of the cartilage between the bones in the shoulder joint.

Take a couple of days off from playing golf, and if the pain reduces, try modifying your golf swing to prevent reinjuring the shoulder. If the shoulder pain does not get better, consult the shoulder specialists at NewportCare Medical Group for an evaluation and treatment recommendation.

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