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  • I really love NewportCare


    Dr. Rowshan and Dr. Cheung patient, Tasha, absolutely loves her surgeons! “I get in fast, great staff and wonderful doctors. Although, I wouldn’t of had my surgery if it wasn’t for Jeanelle. She helped me get into a Primary MD to get cleared for my surgery and FAST! She followed through with everything she said she would do. I really love NewportCare.”

Congratulations to an amazing patient Nina Buitrago for making the first Olympic Freestyle BMX team.


  • There is not a day that I say “God Bless Dr.Rowshan” His treatments took away all my physical pains. His excellent professionalism & bedside manners has no match. A rare attributes for a Dr. these days.
    By - Helly Mirjafari
    09-Sep-2022 04:20 PM
  • Dr Andrew Foster is managing my sports orthopedic care since 2021 in this last year. As a triathlete (swimming, cycling and speed walking), it has become obvious as confirmed by 3x sports orthopedic Doctors (including Dr Foster) that indeed a double knee replacement is necessary now. Unable to athletically walk in the last 2 years … I’m desperate at managing my pain. I’m only 58, and surgery is serious. Dr Foster has patiently introduced me a 24 hr anti-inflammatory and an injections that actually lasted for a few months at a time so I could take a much needed travel out of state trip this last year. .He’s really careful with injections and has used ultrasound to get medication injected just right into the knee. Gentle and cautious. With over the top bedside manners, he has managed my choice for physical therapy & x-rays as I make my decision for surgery. He worked with my health insurance plans as they have unfortunately changed 3x in one year. The front office and support staff are excellent, welcoming and efficient. I highly recommend Dr Andrew Foster for excellent wellness in sports orthopedic care.
    By - Jennifer Webster
    29-Aug-2022 07:10 AM
  • This was a great experience (if that’s what you can call surgery). Before and after xrays to make sure everything was healing as it should. Recovering from back surgery and rehab was a total of 5 1/2 weeks. I have my life back, thanks to Dr. Rowshan.

  • I was in so much pain I could not do the things I love. Bike riding, hiking, being on the beach, and running with my dog. I was so scared of back surgery. I waited 14 1/2 years then my legs gave way. I decided to go ahead with back surgery. Six weeks later, no leg pain and I can now do the things I love. Thank you Dr. R.

  • Have been treated with nothing but the best care. Everyone is very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I never had to wait long to see the doctor. They work fast and efficiently. I’ve had a great experience and am very thankful.

  • I am no longer a slave to back pain. The procedure was flawless. The care I received from Dr. Rowshan, his staff and those at Memorial Hospital was beyond my expectations. Back surgery no longer, in my experience, should be feared or put on hold. I now have the opportunity to play with my grand daughter to my hearts content! Thanks to all the medical professionals who were and are so kind and caring.

  • I am extremely happy that I had the back surgery done as I am now pain free and able to resume my normal activities. Dr. Rowshan is an excellent surgeon and his follow up care was just as good and caring.

  • Dr. Rowshan decompressed my lower spine and released the pressure on my pinched nerves. I was able to stand and take a few steps the following day, and its been better everyday since. Two weeks now since surgery and I feel great. Thanks Doc!

  • Dr. Rowshan and all of his staff were extremely helpful. Surgery went very smooth and after two weeks I am feeling great.

  • Dr. Rowshan is the greatest! I had 6 months of excruciating pain that was relieved by one surgery – completely! Great service – wonderful staff and I’m so glad I found him!

  • I first came to Dr. Rowshan in Feb 2011 with terrible leg pain. When he told me the situation in my back, I refused to talk about surgery. In May 2011, I surrendered. I am thrilled with the results. I have no leg pain and believe years have been added. Dr. Rowshan is the most attentive, intelligent, caring and compassionate doctor I’ve encountered in 64 years. His abilities and skills are top notch. I would recommend him to anyone in need of spinal surgery.

  • A Host of Short Stories by Donna A Hill

    Mary, Dr. Rowshan needs to know that everything that he did was flawless… For example, I’ve been wearing adult diapers for over 5 years of my life. That was when my sexual life had ended for me and my partner I’ve been with for 30 years. I had my life back, when I return home from surgery yesterday Mary, after I soaked in the bath, I put on matching under clothes, and I went to my body length mirror, and looked at myself for the first time in 10 years, and I cried… I looked fine as wine Mary, my weight dropped from 184 lbs to checking out at 150.1 lbs, and what Dr. Rowshan has done for me is “miraculously” historical and life changing for this 58 years old African Woman whose life was over.

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