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7 Ways to Prevents Falls at Home (September is Fall Prevention Month)
7 Ways to Prevents Falls at Home (September is Fall Prevention Month)

Falls at home are one of the leading causes of injury as you grow older. Every year, nearly 1 in 4 Americans above the age of 65 is likely to sustain a fall. The consequences of such falls could be minor sprains and strains or more serious problems such as fractures and traumatic brain injury. Even if there is no physical injury due to the fall, the fear of falling again could prevent you from participating in activities that bring you joy.

As September is Fall Prevention Month, let’s look at 7 ways to prevent falls at home:

  1. Stairway Safety: Install handrails along both sides of your stairway to prevent a serious injury in case of a misstep when going up and down stairs.
  2. Bathroom Safety: Safety devices such non-slip rugs for the bathroom, grab bars for the shower or bathtub, a high toilet seat, and a plastic chair you can sit on while showering will prevent the risk of falls in the bathroom.
  3. Avoiding Tripping Hazards: Ensure electrical cords do not lie along walkways. Clean up any spilt liquid or food as soon as possible. Position coffee tables, plant stands, or boxes in places where you are least likely to trip over them.
  4. Proper Lighting: All areas of your house should be well lit, so you don’t fall over objects you can’t see. Also, consider placing a lamp near your bed to avoid stumbling in the dark if you must get up in the middle of the night for any reason.
  5. Get Regular Health Checkups: This will help identify any problems with vision as well as abnormalities in blood pressure or blood sugar levels that could cause lightheadedness and increase your risk of falling.
  6. Review Your Medications: If you are on regular medications that could potentially cause dizziness or weakness, you should talk to your doctor about suitable alternative medications with fewer side effects.
  7. Use Proper Footwear: Ill-fitting shoes, flip flops, or high heels increase your risk of falls. Always wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes that have nonskid soles, even at home.

These simple modifications & tips will help minimize the likelihood of falls at home.

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