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Arthritis Slowing You Down? Tips to Keep You Moving
Arthritis Slowing You Down? Tips to Keep You Moving

Arthritis can intrude upon your life preventing you from doing the things you enjoy. As the disease progresses, even routine activities may become painful. Here are some tips to keep you moving and prevent arthritis from slowing you down:

  • Exercise every day: Moderate physical activity performed every day will reduce joint pain and stiffness in the long run although you may experience a little discomfort initially. Also perform weightbearing exercises 2-3 times a week to strengthen the muscles that surround and support your joints.
  • Don’t stay in the same position for too long: If you have a sedentary job, find a reason to get up from your chair every hour and walk around the room. Do the same if you are at home watching television or YouTube.
  • Eat healthy: A well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables will help you lose excess weight. Even moderate weight loss will significantly reduce stress on your joints.
  • Know your limits: The key is to follow the middle path. Don’t let mild aches and pains prevent you from exercising regularly, but you should not participate in activities that cause significant pain.
  • Use assistive devices: If a cane or a walker helps you stay independent and mobile, use it rather than limiting your physical activities.
  • Take prescribed pain medications: Many people avoid taking pain medication for fear of developing an addiction to them. However, if you strictly follow the instructions of your doctor in terms of dosing and frequency of use, the likelihood of this occurring is very low. The less pain you have, the more active you can be.

By incorporating the above tips, you will be able to minimize the negative impact of arthritis and maximize your mobility.

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