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Can Exercise Help Spinal Stenosis?
Can Exercise Help Spinal Stenosis?

Can Exercise Help Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is often a disappointing and unwelcoming diagnosis for many families. Living with spinal stenosis can present challenges, but with appropriate management and lifestyle adjustments, individuals can effectively manage their symptoms and maintain a good quality of life.

One of the best treatments for Spinal Stenosis includes physical activity and exercise, offering benefits to your health.

Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion: Performing gentle stretching and range-of-motion exercises can effectively preserve the flexibility of the spine and the muscles that support it.

Enhanced Strength: Engaging in core and back muscle strengthening exercises can offer enhanced spinal support and minimize strain on affected areas.

Pain Reduction: Physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers, which can aid in alleviating the discomfort associated with spinal stenosis.

Posture Improvement: Some exercises can correct posture issues, which could lead to Spinal Stenosis.

Try These 3 Simple Home Exercises:

Lumbar Flexion Lying: Lay on your back and pull your knees up to your chest. Then wrap your arms around your legs and hold that position for 2 seconds. Reset to the start position. Do this 10 times before proceeding with another exercise.

Seated Lumbar Flexion: Sit in a chair or bench. Lean forward and touch your hands as close as you can to the floor. Hold for 2 seconds. Slowly lift yourself and repeat this 10 times before moving on.

Sustained Lumbar Flexion: Stand up straight with your feet shoulder lengths apart. Support your back and lean backward for up to 60 seconds.

Always check with your healthcare provider before starting an exercise program. If you're grappling with persistent or severe back pain, the expert spine doctors at NewportCare Medical are ready to assist you in determining your next steps and devising a personalized treatment plan to help you regain your health and strength.

AUTHOR: The Spine Institute at Newport Care Medical is a leader in comprehensive surgical and non-surgical treatment of the spine. The orthopedic spine surgeons at the Spine Institute at Newport Care located in Newport Beach, California specialize in acute and chronic neck, back, and musculoskeletal injuries.

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