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Improving the Doctor-Patient Relationships and Outcomes with Concierge Care
Improving the Doctor-Patient Relationships and Outcomes with Concierge Care

Over the last couple of years, a medical trend that is fast-gaining momentum is Concierge Care. Both patients and doctors have a lot to gain from this radical approach to healthcare delivery.

A recently conducted survey showed that many doctors face burnout and frustration due time spent with stacks of nonclinical paperwork such as third-party authorizations. This time could have otherwise been used to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship and provide better medical care.

Here is a look at some specific advantages of concierge care over the traditional office practice:

  • Longer appointments: A concierge doctor sees fewer patients and spends more time getting to know their background and medical history. The lengthy appointments help to improve doctor-patient relationships. This model of providing medical care encourages patients to ask questions, express doubts, and dispel most of their concerns.
  • Easy accessibility to your doctor: There is no need to make an appointment many weeks or months in advance to see your concierge doctor. You can see your doctor more often. Many concierge doctors will even call, Skype, email, or text you to answer your health-related concerns.
  • Providing preventive care: As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Concierge doctors have the time not only to treat any current illness, but can help you take preventive steps to improve overall health and minimize the likelihood of falling ill.
  • Management of chronic disease: A higher frequency of visits ensures that your doctor has an in-depth understanding of your background and medical history. It also makes it easier for your doctor to track disease progression.
  • No extra charges: This benefit is offered to patients of NewportCare Medical Group without any memberships or additional fees. NewportCare does not charge for this service, whereas other practices may have a fee.

Concierge level care is a value-centric rather than volume-centric approach to treatment. Doctors and patients form a collaborative bond that will help accelerate the journey toward improved health and wellbeing. Come experience the difference of Concierge Level Care at NewportCare Medical Group.

NewportCare Medical Group is a comprehensive specialty group located in Newport Beach, California offering a wide range of services including arthritic pain relief to the Newport Beach, Orange County, and surrounding areas of California.

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