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Minimally Invasive Advancements in Spine Surgery
Minimally Invasive Advancements in Spine Surgery

The natural deterioration of the spine is one of the most common reasons for neck and back pain that affects about 80% of Americans. Generally, people prefer to live with the neck and back pain as best they can rather than undergo surgery to treat the condition. However, minimally invasive spine surgery has been gaining a lot of traction among patients and surgeons across the country.

Here are some of the minimally invasive advancements in spine surgery which make it one of the most sought-after procedures to treat neck and back pain when nonsurgical treatments aren’t providing relief:

Lateral access spine surgery: Patients with back pain in the lumbar region necessitating spinal fusion have traditionally required extensive open surgery that is associated with significant blood loss, postoperative pain, and a prolonged recovery period. The latest technology using lateral access to the spine allows the spine surgeon to place large spinal implants, decompress nerves, and restore disc heights while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue. Following lateral access spine surgery, healthy patients may be able to walk again within hours after the procedure and can return home after just 2 days in the hospital.

Enhanced visualization: The powerful endoscopic cameras and computer-aided navigation techniques that are in use today give the spine surgeon an in-depth view of the complex structures of the spine. This allows for precise placement of implants and removal of damaged tissue.

Spinal deformity corrections: The minimally invasive approach to spine surgery has moved past simple procedures to more complex ones such as spinal deformity corrections. These procedures provide more options to the surgeon when correcting spinal deformities.

Disc arthroplasty for motion preservation: Technological improvements in materials, equipment, and technique allow the spine surgeon to replace a damaged disc with an artificial one. This improves spinal stability without sacrificing range of motion.

If you have been suffering from long-standing neck or back pain that is affecting your quality of life and you have failed conservative treatments, discuss with your doctor or a spine surgeon about the benefits of undergoing minimally invasive spine surgery. Call us today!

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