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The Facts About Chronic Pain (September is Pain Awareness Month)
The Facts About Chronic Pain (September is Pain Awareness Month)

Pain is a normal sensation which occurs as a response to injury or disease. It has a protective function – When you feel pain, it’s your body’s way of telling you that all is not well, you need to stop what you’re doing and rest, or see a doctor. This will allow your body a chance to recover and return to health.

If you have been experiencing pain, you should know that you are not alone – About 100 million Americans suffer with chronic pain symptoms. This means 1 in 10 Americans have experienced pain daily for at least 3 months and some of these people may live out their lives with some degree of pain. But, don’t lose hope. In many cases, pain is actually caused by acute issues that have several options for successful treatment.

The month of September has been designated Pain Awareness Month to help raise awareness of the various options to effectively manage symptoms so pain sufferers can live more productive and meaningful lives.

As pain is a very subjective experience, active participation of the patient is a very important part of the treatment. When necessary, your doctor will use the latest diagnostic tools such as advanced imaging studies and arthroscopy to accurately identify the source of your pain.

A short course of pain medications in the form of pills, injections, or patches along with physical therapy and occupational therapy is usually very effective. Other methods include nerve blocks and electrical stimulation to prevent transmission of pain signals through the nerves, biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy to modify your body’s response to pain, and new treatments such as PRP and stem cell therapy to treat longstanding ligament and tendon injuries which might be causing your pain.

If conservative treatments fail to relieve pain, such as in the case of advanced-stage arthritis, surgery to replace the arthritic joint should be considered.

There is no need to live with pain. Advanced pain management treatments are available today and that help you get back to doing the things you enjoy. NewportCare Medical Group specializes in interventional pain management. Contact your doctor or NewportCare for an accurate diagnosis & treatment recommendation.

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