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Tips for Preparing for Back Surgery
Tips for Preparing for Back Surgery

You are not alone if you have questions about what to expect regarding your upcoming spine surgery. Back Pain affects Nearly 65 million Americans yearly; of those 65 million who suffer from back pain, around 650,000 to 700,000 result in spine surgery1. If you have decided upon surgery with an orthopaedic surgeon, here are some suggestions for how to best prepare for the procedure.

  • Quit Smoking: Tobacco places extreme stress on the back, and quitting is essential to having a good outcome from Smokers are more likely to experience wound infections and delay bone healing needed for successful spine surgeries.
  • Evaluate Medications: Certain medications can affect your surgery by causing bleeding or interfering with Discuss your medications with your surgical team before the big day.
  • Arrange for help: Most patients will need to identify someone who can help them with tasks around the house and general care once discharged from the hospital or surgery center. Even after minimally invasive spine surgery, your doctor may recommend that you do not drive for some time.
  • Have items in easy reach: Following surgery, your movements are You may not be able to bend forward or reach up high. Put all items you use daily within easy reach at waist height.
  • Buy a toilet riser: Toliet risers sit on top of the existing toilet seat, lifting it higher, so you do not have to bend as profoundly through your hips, knees, and back to use the restroom.
  • Get a grabber: A grabber is a lightweight pole with a handle that controls pinchers at the very You will have limited mobility following surgery, and these handy grabbers can save your back.
  • Meal Prep: Healthy foods will help improve your healing following spine surgery. Planning and making easily warmed-up nutritious meals following surgery will help your recovery.
  • Prioritize Rehab: Rehab is an essential piece of your A delayed start to physical therapy can interfere with your recovery post-operation.

Preparing for spine surgery is crucial and can have enormous implications for your post-surgical recovery. It helps aid your surgical healing to prepare your home actively so you can still function relatively efficiently, even with limitations during recovery. While preparing for back surgery, know that recovery takes time and effort.

If you are experiencing chronic or acute back pain, visit the NewportCare Medical Group spine specialists today. Treatment offered will depend on your diagnosis after an extensive examination of your spinal condition.

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