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Tips to Prevent Common Foot and Ankle Injuries
Tips to Prevent Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries commonly occur during sports, recreational activities, while at work or when doing projects around the house.

Most minor foot and ankle injuries will heal with conservative treatments that include cleaning and dressing any open wound, and rest. Serious foot and ankle injuries in children can affect the growth plates and may interfere with the development and growth of the bones in the foot and ankle. In adults, a serious foot injury may mean loss of independence and inability to work.

Here are some tips to prevent common foot and ankle injuries:

  • Always wear comfortable and supportive shoes: Good shoes should fit well, have cushioned soles for shock absorption and provide good arch support, traction and protection. Leading an active lifestyle may mean you may need to buy new shoes every few months to replace worn out ones. The extra expense is worth it if you can prevent chronic foot and ankle problems.
  • Warm up before physical activity: Make sure your feet and ankles are thoroughly warmed up before physical activity by performing some range of motion exercises. A properly warmed up muscle, tendon, ligament, or joint is less likely to be injured during physical activity.
  • Wear protective gear: For certain sports such as soccer or roller skating in which there is intense stress on your feet and ankles, it may be appropriate to use a wrap or shin splints to support the foot and ankle.
  • Use correct form: When venturing into a new sport or activity, take the time to learn the correct technique and proper form. Landing on your feet improperly from a jump or while running can cause an acute injury that may require several weeks or months to recover.
  • Avoid overuse injury: Overusing your foot and ankle with repetitive motion can lead to ligament or tendon injuries. It is best to immediately stop any routine activity that is causing pain. Playing through the pain will only put you at risk for permanently injuring your foot or ankle.

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