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Treatment for a Torn ACL
Treatment for a Torn ACL

Each year, over 80,000 anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) repairs are performed in operating rooms across the country.1 Active lifestyles and athletics make an ACL tear one of the most common injuries. The wear and tear, twisting, and hyperextending of the knee are usually responsible for the injury to the ligament. Both non-surgical and surgical treatment options may help heal an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee injury.

If you suspect you have torn your ACL, a few things can be done immediately: rest your leg, ice the knee, place an ACE bandage to provide support, and elevate the leg. The RICE protocol is recommended for many orthopedic injuries and can help determine how severe your injury is.

Recovery from such an injury can take a few weeks to a few months. Inevitably some ACL tears must be surgically treated to restore knee stability. The decision to have surgery is commonly centered around the patient's lifestyle. An ACL reconstruction surgery is often necessary for athletes and other people of any age who wish to continue participating in physically demanding lifestyles.

Signs it is time to see an orthopedic doctor:

  • Inability to bear weight on the knee
  • Swelling that comes on rapidly
  • Loss of mobility and range of motion
  • The feeling of the knee being "loose"
  • Bruising, warmth, and tenderness
  • Severe pain

Without proper treatment, an ACL injury could lead to chronic knee problems. An ACL injury is typically diagnosed with an exam and using an X-ray or MRI. An orthopedic surgeon is most qualified to treat a torn ACL, usually with surgical intervention or ACL ligament reconstruction surgery. Talk with the experts at NewportCare Medical Group today to discuss your knee pain and treatment plan.

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