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What is Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement Surgery?
What is Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement Surgery?

What is Rapid Recovery Joint Replacement Surgery

There have been considerable advances in joint replacement surgery over the last decade. While in the past, you could expect to be in the hospital for at least a week after a joint replacement, today the right candidates may be discharged home on the same day as the surgery or after an overnight stay. Let’s consider some of the characteristic features of rapid recovery joint replacement.

One of the key aspects of ensuring success of the program is active patient involvement. Patients are informed about all aspects of the surgery so they have a clear understanding of what to expect and how to prepare. They will also be given exercises to perform before the surgery to strengthen muscles around the joint.

The joint replacement is performed using a minimally invasive surgical technique that minimizes trauma to the surrounding tissues. Advanced anesthesia methods are employed to ensure patients experience less pain with minimal risk of complications.

Following surgery, patients are encouraged to move the joint as soon as possible. For example, after a hip or knee replacement, a patient may be asked to stand and take a few steps with assistance a few hours after the procedure. Moving the joint almost immediately following surgery will help prevent scar tissue and blood clot formation, and maximize joint range of motion.

With rapid recovery joint replacement, patients can generally expect to have smaller surgical scars, less pain or discomfort, better mobility, faster recovery of strength, and return to routine activities with minimal delay. Call the rapid recovery joint replacement specialists at NewportCare Medical Center to find out if you are a candidate.

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