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What is wound care?
What is wound care?

By Dr. Golta Eragi

What is wound care?

Wounds in simple terms are open lesions that could be caused due to diabetes, poor blood supply, malfunctioning of venous system, trauma, pressure, burns, autoimmune diseases, dermatological conditions or even start as something as simple as an insect bite.

Whether a wound heals within days or within weeks, a comprehensive treatment plan needs to be devised by an expert wound specialist who can evaluate the patient as an entire entity, focus on establishing adequate blood supply, optimal nutritional management, medical management such as optimum diabetic control, pressure off loading and appropriate referrals to pain management, infectious disease and physical therapy as needed to address any factor hindering a wound from closing in proper timeline of wound healing phases. It is crucial to know that wound care is a multidisciplinary approach, first initiated in the hands of an exert wound care specialist. Understanding the socioeconomic as well as psychosocial impacts of a wound on a patient are vital in wound care management.

Once an acute wound does not close within 4 weeks, it will enter the chronic, also known as non-healing phase, which will predispose the patient to the higher risk of infection and possibility of losing a limb.

An expert wound care specialist, will have the ability to perform thorough debridements and expedite the process of wound closure through the knowledge of emerging and available current wound care products, unique to each wound from the cellular and extra cellular standpoint. Establishing the exact deficiencies in a wound and applying the appropriate advanced wound care product, when needed are key factors distinguishing a wound care specialist when choosing the correct provider.

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