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When to Consider Foot Surgery?
When to Consider Foot Surgery?

If you have a foot condition, having surgery at the right time can greatly improve mobility and quality of life. The choice to undergo surgery is a big decision, so how can you know it’s the right time to have foot surgery?

Here are some indications that may help you in your decision to consider foot surgery:

Conservative Treatments Have Failed:

Nonsurgical treatments including rest, anti-inflammatory medications, exercises and physical therapy, activity modifications, and the use of orthotics should be part of the first line of treatment . If these conservative methods do not relieve symptoms, it may be time to consider surgery.

Development of Foot Deformities:

The development of bunions at the side of the foot contribute to deformity or causing bending of the big toe towards the small toes (hallux valgus) which can result in pain. Bunion or hallux valgus surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. This allows you to go home the same day and recover in the comfort of your home.

Tears or Ruptures of Foot Tendons:

Minor tears of foot tendons may heal without invasive treatment measures, but for large tears or complete ruptures, surgery may be required to reattach the tendon to bone. The surgery can usually be performed using minimally invasive techniques.

Displaced Fractures of Foot and Ankle:

Small fractures may heal by utilizing a cast to restrict movement and allowing time to heal, but if there is significant displacement, surgery may be necessary to realign the bones.


The formation of bone spurs and inflamed tissue can be the result of untreated arthritis. Injections or arthroscopic debridement performed through 2-3 keyhole incisions are recommended treatments in early stage arthritis. In case of end-stage arthritis, joint fusion or joint replacement surgery may be required to provide the relief needed and to help you return to everyday activities..

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