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What is a bunion?
What is a bunion?

From Dr. Farshad Bathaee

Everyone has heard the word "bunion" which refers to a large bump at the base of the great toe. Bunions are either mild, moderate, or severe but unfortunately they are mostly discovered or noticed when they are quite large. The bump that is noticed on the foot is not a growth of bone, rather it is a deformity of a large bone that sits right behind the big toe.

Having or developing a bunion deformity can be hereditary; however it can be caused by wearing certain shoes for years such as high heels, etc. As the bunion gets larger the big toe can drift towards the 2nd toe which can in turn add to the deformity. This cycle can go on for years leading to the deformity getting worse.

A bunion can form at any age, in children it can develop as early as age 8 or 9, or early adulthood to middle age. It is very rare to develop this deformity in an older age. Treatment options range from change in shoe gear, padding, inserts to surgical options to repair the deformity. It is essential to have a good physical evaluation along with x-rays to fully diagnose the problem in order to come up with a appropriate treatment plan.

If you think you have a bunion deformity or developing a bunion please call our office at (949)491-9991 to make an appointment for an evaluation.

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