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Foot and ankle problems can now be diagnosed using a 3D scanning technology. As opposed to the traditional 2D scans, the technology helps doctors to view the foot and ankle in 3D, and how it functions in a full weight bearing position. Using the 3D foot scanning technology, your doctor can better detect causes of pain and prevent foot problems in the long term.

3D Foot Scanning Technology

The scan can also be performed with you wearing your shoes so that your doctor can view the positioning and function of your foot with footwear in real time. This can help detect deformities due to wrong shoe sizes and bad designs such as shoes with high heels or a narrow toe box. Badly fitting shoes can not only cause discomfort, but also long-term damage such as clawed toes.

Some of the deformities 3D foot scanning can detect include fractures, dislocations, bunions and arthritis.

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