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If you have a medical condition or injury that limits your mobility and function, or have undergone surgery, physical therapy exercises may help you regain movement in the affected part of your body and return to activities of daily living.

During the initial phase of recovery, the goal of physical therapy would be to reduce swelling and inflammation using PRICE therapy. PRICE is an acronym which stands for protection, rest, ice, compression, & elevation. In the subacute phase of recovery, patients are given a personalized physical therapy program that will help them ease back to their normal activities. In the final phase of recovery, patients will be taught specific physical therapy exercises that they can do by themselves at home to improve and maintain their function as well as prevent the chances of the injury recurring.

The physical therapy exercises your doctor or physical therapist would recommend depend on the type of injury or surgery you are recovering from. Common physical therapy exercises include:

Range of motion exercises: These exercises improve joint mobility and prevent stiffness. They are often recommended after joint replacement surgeries or conditions such as frozen shoulder. They can be further divided into passive, passive-assisted, and active range of motion exercises depending on the stage of your recovery.

Muscle-strengthening exercises: Your muscle strength increases by progressively increasing resistance using elastic bands or weights while you perform these exercises.

Balance & Ambulation Exercises: These exercises can help people who are unstable on their feet. Initially, you perform these exercises while supporting yourself on parallel bars. As your balance improves, you can progress to performing these exercises without support.

Flexibility Exercises: These are gentle stretching exercises such as shoulder stretching and hamstring stretching that help you stay limber and avoid injury when performing your routine activities.

Endurance Exercises: These exercises improve your cardiovascular and respiratory function. They also contribute to improving your overall fitness level.

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