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Director Golta Eragi, DPW, CWSP



NewportCare has a dedicated team of physicians that value you and your recovery in its entirety. We believe providing you with multi-specialty and concierge care is a large part of that success. Your innovative team of physicians is excited to introduce our new Wound Healing Center!

Golta Eragi

As a board certified wound care specialist by the American Board of Wound Care Management and completing her Wound Care and Limb Salvage Fellowship, Dr. Eragi has extensive knowledge in identifying healing vs. non healing wounds and their impact on all aspects of your life. She is a big advocate on treating you as an entire entity and educating you so your knowledge will inadvertently help your adherence to your treatment protocol, yielding faster results.

As the new Director of NewportCare Medical Group Wound Care Clinic, Dr. Eragi strives to engage the latest techniques and modalities in wound care. She hopes to help lessen the emotional and economic burden on you, the patient, and your family by achieving fast wound closures.

What Is Classified As A Wound?

Wounds, in simple terms, are open lesions that could be caused due to diabetes, poor blood supply, malfunction of the venous system, trauma, pressure, burns, autoimmune diseases, dermatological conditions or even start as something as simple as an insect bite.

Whether a wound heals within days or weeks, a comprehensive treatment plan needs to be devised by an expert wound specialist who can evaluate the patient as an entire entity.


When Do I Call Dr. Eragi?
When You Have:

  • Increased pain, redness and/or swelling around the wound
  • A fever
  • Increased warmth around the wound
  • A change or discoloration in wound drainage
  • You can’t stop bleeding
  • Your wound is deep or has jagged edges
  • Your wound was caused by a rusty or dirty object

Our Wound Healing Treatment Plans

As an expert wound care specialist, Dr. Eragi has the ability to perform thorough debridement and expedite the process of wound closure through the knowledge of emerging and available wound care products, unique to each wound from the cellular and extra cellular standpoint.

Dr. Eragi establishes the exact deficiencies in a wound and applies the appropriate advanced wound care product.

  • Extracellular matrix products
  • Stem Cell
  • Embryonic tissue
  • Specialized dressings
  • Debridement
  • Infection control
  • Diabetes education

Get Help Today!

Put your best foot forward and CALL US for more information about wound healing services at NewportCare Medical Group and schedule an appointment today.

NewportCare Wound Healing Center

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