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Stem Cell Therapy: Changing the Game in Sports Medicine

Stem cell therapy has been generating a lot of buzz in the field of sports medicine. According to research studies, the number of Tommy John surgeries (elbow ligament graft surgery), which are practically a rite of passage among professional baseball pitchers has fallen dramatically in 2016. This fact coincides with the increasing number of athletes […]

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How a 3D Foot Scan Will Put a Spring in Your Step

Did you know that your feet support almost 2 times your bodyweight while walking and up to 9 times your bodyweight while running? That is a lot of pressure on a relatively small part of your body. Any structural or functional abnormality may render your feet incapable of withstanding the enormous forces placed on them, […]

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What is hallux limitus/rigidus?

Hallux limitus or hallux rigidus refers to the symptomatic big toe joint in the foot. Symptoms include pain and decreased or limited range of motion of the joint which may cause difficulty in walking, physical activity, and alter one’s gait. These symptoms may develop over time with or without an injury. Patients usually notice enlargement […]

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