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Common Treatments for Arthritis (Arthritis Awareness Month)

Arthritis is the #1 cause of disability in the US with more than 50 million Americans suffering from this condition. The month of May has been designated Arthritis Awareness Month to help people affected by this condition reclaim their active lives. Here are some treatment options that may help lessen the impact of arthritis: Physical […]

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Is it Time to Consider Hip Replacement Surgery?

More than 400,000 Americans undergo hip replacement surgery every year with greater than 90% of patients reporting substantial improvement in pain relief, mobility, and function following the surgery. Of course, a hip replacement surgery shouldn’t be the first line of treatment for hip pain. Conservative treatments such as medications, injections, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications […]

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Wish You Were Taller? Cosmetic Leg Lengthening May Be Your Answer

Over the last few decades, limb lengthening procedures have been gaining a lot of popularity. A growing number of otherwise healthy individuals of short stature have been opting to undergo cosmetic leg lengthening with amazing results (some gaining 5 inches in height!) Limb lengthening procedures were initially developed for people with stunted growth and disfigured […]

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Advances in Hand and Wrist Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is an advanced procedure that allows your doctor to look at the inside your joint using a tube-like fiberoptic telescope (arthroscope) which is inserted through a small incision about the size of a keyhole. Viewing the inside of the joint under magnification and illumination provided by the arthroscope improves the doctor’s ability to diagnose […]

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Tips to Prevent Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries commonly occur during sports, recreational activities, while at work or when doing projects around the house. Most minor foot and ankle injuries will heal with conservative treatments that include cleaning and dressing any open wound, and rest. Serious foot and ankle injuries in children can affect the growth plates and may […]

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10 Superfoods that Fight Arthritis (National Nutrition Month)

Arthritis is a term used to describe a group of diseases characterized by stiffness, pain, and swelling of the joints. Those suffering from this chronic joint condition know how devastating the impact of arthritis can be. March is National Nutrition Month. Gain the upper hand in the fight against arthritis with these 10 superfoods: Fatty […]

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The Facts About CBD: What You Need to Know

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has many potential therapeutic uses. It is NOT psychoactive and does not cause a mind-altering “high” unlike delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is also a compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD used for medical purposes is obtained from the least processed form of the cannabis […]

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Physical Therapy Exercises to Help You Recover

If you have a medical condition or injury that limits your mobility and function, or have undergone surgery, physical therapy exercises may help you regain movement in the affected part of your body and return to activities of daily living. During the initial phase of recovery, the goal of physical therapy would be to reduce […]

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The Most Common Contact Sports Injuries

The very definition of Contact Sports – sports in which participants come into bodily contact with each other – indicates there is an element of danger involved. The highest rates of sports injuries occur in contact sports. Here is a list of the most common contact sport injuries: Concussion / Head injuries: A concussion is […]

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Take the Pressure Off: How Weight Loss Affects Your Joints

There are innumerable reasons why you may want to lose weight – to improve your overall health, to look and feel great, and to reduce the risk of chronic disorders such as heart disease or diabetes. Did you know that if you are overweight, losing a few pounds can significantly take pressure off your joints […]

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