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The Most Common Contact Sports Injuries

The very definition of Contact Sports – sports in which participants come into bodily contact with each other – indicates there is an element of danger involved. The highest rates of sports injuries occur in contact sports. Here is a list of the most common contact sport injuries: Concussion / Head injuries: A concussion is […]

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Take the Pressure Off: How Weight Loss Affects Your Joints

There are innumerable reasons why you may want to lose weight – to improve your overall health, to look and feel great, and to reduce the risk of chronic disorders such as heart disease or diabetes. Did you know that if you are overweight, losing a few pounds can significantly take pressure off your joints […]

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What is a bunion?

From Dr. Farshad Bathaee Everyone has heard the word “bunion” which refers to a large bump at the base of the great toe. Bunions are either mild, moderate, or severe but unfortunately they are mostly discovered or noticed when they are quite large. The bump that is noticed on the foot is not a growth […]

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Hamstring injuries in baseball may be preventable

Source: Science Daily Creating a program to prevent hamstring injuries in minor league and major league baseball players might be a possibility say researchers presenting their work today at the American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine’s (AOSSM) Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, CO. Read More

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Study to evaluate outcomes of different hip replacement techniques using mobile gait analysis system

Source: News-Medical.Net Researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) have launched a pilot study using a portable gait analysis mat to determine early outcomes of several different hip replacement techniques. Gait analysis provides information about the way an individual walks. Read More

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Mind over matter could reduce back pain anguish

Source: Medical Xpress Could mindfulness and meditation be more powerful than opioids for lower back pain? The University of Queensland School of Psychology’s Dr Melissa Day is conducting a project that will test that possibility and could even save lives. “Chronic pain is implicated in an estimated 20 per cent of suicides in Australia, and […]

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Biologic status, screw fit and position contribute to failed fifth metatarsal fracture treatment in athletes

Source: Healio TORONTO — Team physicians who treat high-level athletes with fifth metatarsal fractures, ones that are in zone 2 at the proximal extent of the fifth metatarsal and known as Jones fractures, should focus on ways to avoid failed treatment if they decide to surgically fix the fracture, a presenter at the American Orthopaedic […]

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5 Reasons You May Have Heel Pain

Have you been experiencing an aching heel pain with your first few steps in the morning right after getting up from bed? Or does your pain feel like pin pricks in the bottom of your heel? Could it be caused by a tight Achilles tendon? Given below are 5 of the most common causes for […]

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How to Prevent Back Pain

The advances in modern technology have made our lives more convenient and efficient. You can use mobile devices and other gadgets to complete your work, order your food, do your shopping, and get your entertainment. However, too much reliance on the digital world is not without its drawbacks – our bodies were not created to […]

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7 Facts about Joint Replacement Surgery

More than 30 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, which is the leading cause for joint replacement surgery. As human beings are living longer and more active lives, the possibility of needing joint replacement is something more people will have to consider. Can joint replacement improve quality of life? Here are 7 facts to help you […]

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